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The Collaborative REAnalysis Technical Environment (CREATE) is a NASA Climate Model Data Services (CDS) project to collect all available global reanalysis data into one centralized location on NASA’s NCCS Advanced Data Analytics Platform (ADAPT), standardizing data formats, providing analytic capabilities, visualization analysis capabilities, and overall improved access to multiple reanalysis datasets.  

CREATE-IP is the project that collects and formats the reanalyses data.  The list of variables currently available in CREATE-IP is growing over time so please check the schedule for future additions.

To use wget, read these instructions

For more information on visualization and analytics resources, see the Climate Model Data Services website on CREATE.

THREDDS access to MERRA, ECMWF, and CFSR data is available here.

Due to an ESGF credentials issue, regular ESGF users may have to either rename their .dodsrc file or comment out all the CURL lines in their ~/.dodsrc file to access this data via OPeNDAP.

Last Update: Oct. 7, 2016, 2:57 p.m. by Julien Peters
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