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Reanalysis for MIPs
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How to Contribute

Guidelines for Contributing to Ana4MIPs:

A dataset published under the ana4MIPs project should:

  • Be based on a reanalysis that:
    • Has a history of peer reviewed publications
    • Version controlled
    • Resides in a long term archive

  • Span at least 30 years to be of use for reanalyses comparison

  • Be converted to the ana4MIPs format (see additional documents below specifying the formatting and metadata requirements)

  • Be accompanied by a technical note or online documentation that explains any unique characteristics of the reanalysis somewhat similar to the obsMIPs. Technical documents

Please follow the guidance in the ana4MIPs Global Attributes Requirements document when preparing data for publication in ESGF.

For further information, contact the ana4MIPs PI, Jerry Potter.

Last Update: April 25, 2016, 11:14 a.m. by Julien Peters
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