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Reanalysis for MIPs
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Ana4MIPs About Us

Long Name Reanalysis for MIPs
Description The objective of the ana4MIPs project is to provide collocated reanalysis data sets, with common format, for more ready access and use. The selected data is considered to be the most useful for model evaluation and is not normally found in direct observational data sets. These data include the winds, sea level pressure temperature and geopotential height fields not routinely globally observed.

Multiple reanalyses of the selected data provide the users with some indication of uncertainly. That is, if there is agreement between the reanalyses for a particular variable, then more confidence can be put in the use of that variable for model evaluation.

Current product status:
GMAO MERRA and MERRA2, NCEP CFSR, ESRL 20CR, ECMWF ERA-Interim, JMA JRA-25, and JRA-55 are currently published in the ESGF portal in Ana4MIPs.

For a more complete set of reanalysis products see the CREATE-IP COG site that contains an expanded set of monthly and high frequency variables that are kept up-to-date.
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